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Twin Shaft Vibrating Grizzly / Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

In this type of Grizzly, the shafts do not have weights fit at the ends, and hence the eccentricity is kept much higher than in the Single Shaft model. The central axes of both shafts are parallel to each other. Due to the presence of an induction hardened spur gear set, only one shaft (known as Driver Eccentric Shaft) needs to be driven, while the other (known as Driven Eccentric Shaft) automatically rotates at the same speed but in the opposite direction. The latter is positioned at a higher level than the former. The plane of the axes of both shafts is at 45o with the horizontal.

Proper dust proof design ensures long life of the four Self Aligning Spherical Roller Bearings and other components, to which lubrication can be provided externally.

Twin Shaft Vibrating Grizzly