Although the basic function of a Screen and a Grizzly is the same i.e. separation of different sizes of material but a Screen is used where the material has already undergone crushing whereas a Grizzly is used for segregation of material prior to crushing.

The role of a Screen is indispensable in a Crushing and Screening Plant. Crushed output from any type of a crusher shall always be a mixture of different sizes. These may also contain crushed particles of size bigger than required. For most requirements, segregation into different sizes is important. Also, oversize particles need to be segregated for the purpose of re-crushing.

However, the necessity of a Grizzly (whether Static or Vibrating) in a Crushing and Screening Plant depends upon the characteristics and source of the material to be crushed as well as application after crushing.

Each product has a different function to perform and hence the design parameters and safety factors vary substantially. Over the years, CCS has mastered and perfected the design of these products. Strict quality control during production and exhaustive in house testing ensures that our Screens and Grizzlies perform trouble free at the site, even under the most adverse conditions.