A Static Grizzly is recommended for sites where the material source has bigger sized boulders than the maximum permissible feed size for the plant and selective picking is cumbersome. This type of Grizzly is put over the steel or masonry hopper where the material to be crushed is dumped. It acts like a heavy duty sieve fabricated of steel rods or rails. Boulders bigger than required are retained on the Grizzly because gap kept between successive members is in accordance with the material size that must pass through the sieve. Hence, damage to the hopper and equipment installed below it is effectively prevented.

A Vibrating Grizzly is used only where small sized lumps received from the quarry / mine need to be segregated before crushing begins. Thus retrieval or rejection of natural fines and unwanted matter (such as mud, silt etc.) is made possible. Moreover, better capacity utilisation of the Primary Crusher is also achieved because small sized lumps which need not be crushed by the Crusher can be easily bypassed and moved on to the next operation.

CCS manufactures both Single Shaft Vibrating Grizzlies as well as Twin Shaft Vibrating Grizzlies, each having its own application.