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Twin Shaft Vibrating Grizzly / Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

The Twin Shaft Vibrating Grizzly provides the ideal solution for pre-crushing segregation of material containing big boulders. Due to inertia, these boulders tend to settle on the deck they fall on. They also exert high impact and abrasive loads. CCS has incorporated a number of special design features in this equipment so that it may safely and efficiently perform the function of segregation and continuous feeding to the equipment installed below it. Hence, it is also known as Vibrating Grizzly Feeder.

The Main Body (or Basket) of the Grizzly is rectangular in shape, whose dimensions depend upon the required capacity and the boulder sizes to be handled. Unlike the Single Shaft Vibrating Grizzly, the twin shaft mechanism is not fit in the Main Body. It is enclosed in a separate Vibrator Tube, which is fit on a mounting plate bolted below the Main Body.

Twin Shaft Vibrating Grizzly