Kyushu Works of M/s. Tanaka Iron Works Co., Ltd., Japan

"Our Collaborators : Reputed"

We strive to be the best in every venture we undertake. Hence, for the manufacturing of Fully Computerised Batch Type Asphalt Mix Plants (Hot Mix Plants), we entered into a technical collaboration with M/s Tanaka Iron Works Co., Ltd., Japan (An ISO 9000 Certified Company), who are not only one of the pioneers in these plants, but also globally acclaimed for their entire range of road construction equipment.

By applying their accumulated technology and experience, M/s. Tanaka Iron Works Co. Ltd. have designed and supplied a number of unique pollution-free Asphalt Mix Plants worldwide, which incorporate state-of-the-art technologies including advanced computer systems and optical fibres, while minimizing noise, vibration and air pollution.

Based on the same technology, "CCS Tanaka" Asphalt Plants are in complete accordance with internationally accepted quality and pollution norms.