"Our Strength : Team Work "

Our strength is the spirit and enthusiasm of “The CCS Team”, led by of our Managing Director, Mr. Krishan Lal Arora, who has high technical expertise and vast administrative experience of over 40 years. For us, every new job is a test of our devotion and strong will to “Perform Better and Faster than the Previous Job”.

The CCS Team comprises of 150 members with clear demarcation of job responsibilities and progress reporting procedures. All departments, whether technical or non-technical in nature, comprise of professionals having experience of the highest order in their respective fields. Regular in-house training programmes are conducted to keep up with the latest industrial trends. Executives are also encouraged to attend seminars and meet overseas business delegations to explore fresh opportunities.

In the larger interest of our organisation, we welcome suggestions or constructive criticism from any individual - whether a team member or from an external agency.